A traffic accident can be a traumatic thing, especially for the owner of a particularly expensive car. Should you ever find yourself in such an incident, remember you can count on Complete Automotive Smash to help.

If needed we can coordinate with local towing services to bring your vehicle to our workshop, allowing us to formalise an insurance claim and commence work on your vehicle as soon as possible.

Contact one of our friendly staff immediately if you’re in need of towing and repairs.

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Chassis Straightening

After a crash it’s very likely that your vehicle’s chassis is bent out of shape, compromising your vehicle’s structure and making driving a hazard to yourself and other road users.

At Complete Automotive Smash we have special purpose built chassis measurement and alignment equipment that measures your vehicle’s current condition and compares it with your vehicle’s manufacturer specifications, giving our expert repairers the information needed to return your vehicle to a pre-crash condition.

To find out more about our chassis equipment and how it can help with your vehicle’s repair, give us a call today!

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Panel Repairs

With the significant investment you put into your vehicle, driving it around with some form of panel damage ruining your vehicle’s aesthetics is a bit of a waste.

Our team includes experts in all areas of panel repair, from cutting out rust damage or smoothing out dents to extensive panel repairs, fabrication and replacement. We also have on hand a range of spot welders, able to work with anything from the hardest metal compounds to the softest of plastics.

For a quote on panel repairs to your vehicle, talk to one of our staff today!

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Paintless Dent Repairs

In some cases where damage to your vehicle’s outer body is minor enough to only spoil the shape of the metal but not the paint covering it, we can use specialist panel repair techniques to smooth out the damage without requiring the added expense of a refinishing.

Our experienced panel technicians can use precision heat and leverage tools to undo most minor bumps and dents, from car park collisions or hail for instance, using our specialist paintless dent repair techniques. This will preserve your vehicle’s existing paint job, saving us the hassle of sanding down and repainting your vehicle and saving you money.

To find out if paintless dent repair is the solution for you, give us a call today!

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Spray Painting

If your vehicle’s in need of a new coat of paint, we can formulate a perfect match for your vehicle’s existing finish from our extensive range of premium PPG paints. We’ll then apply your vehicle’s new paint to your vehicle in our purpose built spray painting booth, ensuring an even coat unblemished by outside pollutants in the air.

To protect your new coat of paint we also offer a topcoat and paint protection service, ensuring your vehicle looks just like new for longer.

To find out more about our paint services, give us a call today!

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